Band Aid in Reverse

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結果日本円にして145,000円分を参加 ミュージシャンに




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01. Boo Hewerdine

The Birds Are Leaving (Boo Hewerdine)



Vocals : Boo Hewerdine
Bass : Tim Harris
Piano : Teddy Borowiecki
Strings : Electra Strings
String arrangement : Tony Cox
Produced by John Wood

公式ページ 解説
I’d like to extend my deep gratitude to all of you who came on board with Yoko’s Camp Fire Crowdfunder. I cannot thank you all enough. I LOVE visiting Japan to play music and miss it very much. I hope one day I can again. THANK YOU!!!
Boo Hewerdine

02. Mary Black

No Frontiers (Jimmy McCarthy)



Vocals : Mary Black
Guitars : Declan Sinnott
Percussion : Noel Bridgeman
Double Bass : Garvan Gallagher
Accordion : Pat Crowley
Synthesisers : Donal Lunny
Produced by Declan Sinnott

公式ページ 解説
I would like to sincerely thank all the wonderful people who supported this project.
Musicians, like many others have had a tough year as a result of the pandemic and a gesture like this really lifts the spirits,
Thank you so much,
Mary Black

03. Wallis Bird

Ghosts of Memories (Wallis Bird)



Vocals, Guitars, Tin Whistle, Percussion : Wallis Bird
Drums : Christian Vinne
Clarinet, Flutes : Aidan Gorman / Fabrice Bihian
Produced by Marcus Wüst & Wallis Bird

公式ページ   解説
Wow! This is such a generous, kind gift. Thank you to Yoko Nozaki, The Music Plant and to each and every person who went out of their way to support us... especially in this time where we have to deal with so much confusion, patience and we wait in hope when we will be able to play for you again, this is a beacon of love that won’t be forgotten. 
Thank you deeply, 
Wallis x

04. Flook 

The Bunting Fund (Sarah Allen) / Ocean Child (Brian Finnegan)




Whistle : Brian Finnegan
Flute : Sarah Allen
Guitar : Ed Boyd
Bodhrán : John Joe Kelly
Produced by Mark Tucker & Ed Boyd


Percussion : Amadou Diagne
Upright bass : Trevor Hutchinson
Fiddle : Niall Murphy 
Eva Tejador : Pandereta Asturiana

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05. BartolomeyBittmann

Les Pauli (Matthias Bartolomey / Klemens Bittmann)



Violin : Klemens Bittmann
Cello : Matthias Bartolomey
Produced by BartolomeyBittmann

公式ページ 解説
It’s a pleasure to be part of the "Band Aid in Reverse project”, thank you so much for your support and love for music!
We are very much looking forward to come back to Japan as soon as possible to play our music live again.
Matthias & Klemens

06. Timo Alakotila

Sciatica (Timo Alakotila)



Piano : Timo Alakotila
Produced by Maria Kalaniemi

公式ページ 解説
I want to thank you all for this cd!
Japan is in my heart always and it has been amazing to travel there many times and meet You all amazing , kind and warm people!  Hope I can come back soon! Wish all of  you very successful autumn and rest of year 2020!
Timo Alakotila

07. The Gothard Sisters

Scarborough Fair (Traditional)

昨年の初来日公演も大好評だったシアトル在住の三人姉妹。2011年のアルバム『Story Girl』より。


Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Strings : Greta Gothard
Violin, Strings : Willow Gothard
Vocals, Djembe, Strings : Solana Gothard
Drums : Darin Watkins
Cello : Ariana Nelson
Produced by The Gothard Sisters

公式ページ 解説
Thank you all so much for your kind contribution to the Band Aid in Reverse project, put together by the wonderful Yoko Nozaki.
In 2019 we came to Japan for the first time and we were so inspired by the appreciation that Japanese people have for beautiful music from around the world.
We hope that the songs you received from the project will serve to uplift you and help you through this difficult time.
We hope to visit you again in Japan as soon as we can!
Greta, Willow & Solana 

08. Anúna

Pie Jesu (Michael McGlynn)



Solo : Monica Donion
Produced by Michael McGlynn and Brian Masterson

公式ページ 解説
Thank you sincerely to everyone who contributed to this incredible crowdfunding project. 
Unfortunately this year we will not be joining you in Japan due to the virus, but we are very much looking forward to meeting all of our Japanese friends in 2021.
Michael McGlynn

09. Sväng

Polonaise No.6, Op.53 "Héroïque" (Chopin)

フィンランドの雑食系ハーモニカ・カルテット。ショパンの『英雄ポロネーズ』に挑戦! 2010年の録音。


Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonicas : Eero Grundström, Eero Turkka
Harmonetta, Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonicas : Jouko Kyhälä
Bass Harmonica : Pasi Leino
Produced by Sväng

公式ページ 解説
Thank you so much for supporting us performing artists during this weird times of global pandemic. This project made us feel that you have not forgotten us. And we have not forgotten you!  We truly hope Sväng will appear live in Japan 2021 and we will meet in person again!
Eero, Geero, Jouko and Pasi

10. Catriona McKay

Swan LK243 (Catriona McKay)


(c) Kris_Kesiak


Harp : Catriona McKay
Fiddle : Donald Grant
Guitar : Fionán De Barra
Double Bass : Matt Baker
Strings : Red Skies Strings
Produced by Catriona McKay

公式ページ 解説
Thank you for your kindness of taking a part of this project.  I like the idea of this project - because it is truely helping the musicians on the road during this strage time.  It was a pleasure joining....  Thank you.

11. Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift

Life Is Change (Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift )



Vocals : Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift
Guitar : Robyn Hitchcock
Keyboards & Percussion : Norman Blake
Produced by Norman Blake

公式ページ 解説
Hello Japan!
We are so grateful to you for supporting us during this strange and difficult year!
We really miss traveling and playing live music shows and can't wait to be back out in the world soon.
Lots of love,
Robyn and Emma

12. Paul Brady

Once In A Lifetime (Paul Brady / Ralph Murphy)



Keyboards, Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion Programming : Paul Brady
Pedal Steel Guitar : Richard Nelson
Produced by Paul Brady

公式ページ 解説
Hi to all you Japanese music lovers!
I miss being able to visit Japan and play for you.
I hope you like my song on this great record.
Hope to see you again before too long! 
Paul Brady

13. Lúnasa

Absent Friends (Kevin Crawford) / Ivory Lady (Diarmaid Moynihan)



Double Bass : Trevor Hutchinson
Fiddle : Sean Smyth
Flute : Kevin Crawford
Uilleann Pipes : Cillian Vallely
Guitar : Tim Edey
Produced by Trevor Hutchinson

公式ページ  解説
A huge and heartfelt thank you from all in Lunasa to all of you who took the time and effort to support Music Plant/Yoko Nozaki initiative.
Your support is deeply appreciated by us in these challenging times.
We hope for better days to come and for a return to live concerts where we can meet you all again.

14. Väsen

Byggnan (Traditional)



Nyckelharpa : Olov Johansson
Viola : Mickael Marin
Guitar : Roger Tallroth
Produced by Väsen
Recorded live in Tokyo 2005

公式ページ 解説

15. Väsen

Pilvi & Eskos Brudvals (Roger Tallroth)



Nyckelharpa : Olov Johansson
Viola : Mickael Marin
Guitar : Roger Tallroth
Produced by Väsen

公式ページ 解説
Dear Väsen-fans in Japan!
We would like to thank Yoko Nozaki for the initiative to set up the "Band Aid in Reverse project” and we are overwhelmed with the generousity you all are showing us.
Thank you so much!
It is very strange times for us touring musicians and this will help us to keep us going until we can meet again in Japan and share our music with you in real life. Thank you!
Best Wishes
Olov, Mikael & Roger



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